Download the MREPUBLIK Launcher Today

We also offer a Technic Launcher version, scroll down for information.

Welcome to the new MREPUBLIK Launcher! Our custom launcher built off the Helios Launcher project on Github and is open-source so you can view the code. The MREPUBLIK Launcher handles the installation of Forge for 1.18.2 and downloads all the required mods, config files and resource packs to play on the MREPUBLIK server. Players can login to the launcher with their Microsoft or Mojang account. The MREPUBLIK Launcher is available on Windows.

Download for Windows

MREPUBLIK on Technic Launcher

Download the Technic Launcher and install it. Once installed, login with your Microsoft or Mojang account. Once you’re logged in, click search mod packs and search for ‘MREPUBLIK’. Best to assign more RAM to the mod pack also. We recommend 4GB of RAM to have a smooth experience on MREPUBLIK.

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