The core rules of the MREPUBLIK server exclude the RPG element of the server. We ask that you do not break these rules they’re there to ensure everyone on the server is welcome and can have a fun experience whilst playing with us. Imprisonment, mutes, temporary bans can be escalated to permanant bans if you’re a repeat offender.

  1. All players on MREPUBLIK must have an appropriate username and skin which is not offensive.
    Punishment: Username violation, permanent ban. Skin violation, temporary ban to permanent ban if not changed.
  2. Be respectful of everyone, we’re here to have fun! We will not tolerate hate speech, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, malicious name calling or threats upon players in real life.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  3. Do not upload images to picture frames or upload links to private or public chat which are offensive or illegal.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  4. Griefing is strictly prohibited.
    Punishment: Temporary ban or permanent ban.
  5. Do not steal from other players with malicious intent.
    Punishment: Imprisonment.
  6. Do not kill pets, animals or any other name-tagged mob of another player.
    Punishment: Imprisonment.
  7. Do not build any farm or automation device with the intention to overwhelm or cause a negative impact on the server.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  8. Harassing admins or other players is not permitted.
    Punishment: Imprisonment, temporary ban or permanent ban
  9. Impersonating admins or other players is not permitted.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  10. Do not build something which is offensive.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  11. Abusing a bug or glitch to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited. Please report any bugs or glitches to an admin for a reward.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  12. Keep the chat friendly. Do not openly engage in hostile political, religious or other real world events content.
    Punishment: Mute, temporary ban or permanent ban.
  13. Do not use excessive profanity.
    Punishment: Mute or temporary ban.
  14. Do not spam the chat or advertise other Minecraft or Discord servers.
    Punishment: Mute, temporary ban or permanent ban.
  15. Do not use mods which give you an unfair advantage. Examples being fly mod or xray mod.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  16. Do not use the server with the intention to scam another player in real life.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  17. Never disclose your personal information if you’re pressured to do so and never disclose personal information of another player without their consent.
    Punishment: Permanent ban.
  18. If you’re asked to leave a player’s business or home, you must do so.
    Punishment: Imprisonment.
  19. Using a second Minecraft account with the intention to bypass a ban, spam chat or spam commands.
    Punishment: Permanent username ban and IP ban.
  20. Threatening or attempting to carry out a DOX/DDOS/SWAT against our server. We have various protections in place to prevent these actions.
    Punishment: Permanent username ban and IP ban. Your IP and any personal information we hold on you will be disclosed to your local law enforcement. 

Local Rules

​The local rules of MREPUBLIK are to serve as laws to avoid being a nuisance and also some which are made to be broken, just don’t get caught by the feds. Keep a low profile and do not draw attention to yourself or illicit businesses.

Player vs Player Rules

  1. The killing of another player without reason is prohibited. (Do not go around randomly killing innocent players. If you’re having a roleplay drug war, then that would be a reasonable excuse to kill another player.) Excessively killing a player can be an annoyance to peoples enjoyment, if you kill a player more than 3 times in one hour, you will be temporarily banned.
    Penalty: Murder. Imprisonment to be determined by an admin.
  2. Stealing from unlocked chests within a property.
    Penalty: Stealing with intent. Imprisonment to be determined by an admin.

Vehicle Ownership and Vehicle Operation Rules

  1. When purchasing or crafting a vehicle, you must attach a registration plate to it with your full or short username.
    Penalty: Failure to have a registration plate, vehicle will be destroyed.
  2. When parking, use a parking bay or space on the street. Do not park on double yellow lines. Also ensure your vehicle does not obstruct other players’ properties.
    Penalty: Obstructing public roadsds. Vehicle destroyed and the player fined $250.
  3. If you fail to stop after damaging another player’s vehicle in a collision.
    Penalty: Damaging a private vehicle in a collision. Fine of $2,500.
  4. Damaging another player’s vehicle with intent.
    Penalty: Damaging a private vehicle. Fine of $2,500 and possible imprisonment.

    It is advisable to obtain vehicle insurance in the event of a collision, theft or damage.

Misuse of Drugs

  1. The selling, growing and consumption of Cannabis is prohibited.
    Selling Punishment: Cannabis will be seized.
    Growing Punishment: Cannabis will be seized and crops destroyed.
  2. The selling, manufacturing and consumption of Cocaine is prohibited.
    Selling Punishment: Cocaine will be seized.
    Manufacturing Punishment: Cocaine will be seized and crops destroyed.
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