MREPUBLIK runs on Minecraft – Java Edition 1.18.2 using Forge Mod Loader. MREPUBLIK uses Arclight for Forge and Spigot server intergration.


List of all mods used on both the client and server. Updated 11th November 2023.

Absent by Design [Mod]
Additional Guns [Mod]
Alcocraft [Mod]
Alex’s Mobs [Mod]
Apple Skin [Mod]
Architectury [Dependency]
Auudio [Dependency]
Balm [Dependency]
Better Third Person [Client Mod]
Butcher’s Delight [Mod]
Calemi Core [Mod]
Camera [Mod]
Car [Mod]
Casino Craft [Mod]
Citadel [Dependency]
Cloth Config [Dependency]
Corpse [Mod]
CraftingAutomat [Mod]
Create [Mod]
Creative Core [Mod]
Curios API [Dependency]
Daily Rewards [Mod]
Decoration Mod [Mod]
Default Options [Mod]
Doggy Talents [Mod]
Dramatic Doors [Mod]
Drippy Loading Screen [Mod]
Dynamic Lights Reforged [Client Mod]
Emojiful [Mod]
Extended Lights [Mod]
Eye Mod [Mod]
Framed Blocks [Mod]
Framework [Dependency]
Farsight [Mod]
Ferrite Core [Mod]
Flash NPCs [Mod]
Fancy Menu [mod]
Fancy Menu Audio API [Dependency]
Geckolib [Dependency]
Joban Client Mod [Mod]
Just Enough Items [Mod]
Just Enough Drugz [Mod]
Just Verticle Slabs [Mod]
Konkrete [Dependency]
Login Protection [Server Side Mod]
Lucky77 [Dependency]
Macaws Doors [Mod]
Macaws Windows [Mod]
Maidens Merrymaking [Mod]
Mine Pop! [Mod]
Mr Crayfish Furniture [Mod]
Mr Crayfish Guns [Mod]​
Mouse Tweaks [Mod]
Minecraft Transit Railway [Mod]
Minecraft Transit Railway – London Underground [Mod]
Minecraft Transit Railway – Nemo’s Transport Expansion [Mod]
Never Enough Currency [Mod]
Oculus Flywheel Compat [Client Mod]
Oculus [Client Mod]
Neon Craft 2 [Mod]
Nosiphus [Mod]
Otya Craft Engine [Dependency]
Pam’s Harvestcraft [Mod] ALL PACKS
ParCool [Mod]
Pipez [Mod]
Placebo [Dependency]
Playing Cards [Mod]
Reeves Furniture [Mod]
Rubidium [Client Mod]
Rubidium Extras [Client Mod]
Search Lights [Mods]
Security Craft [Mod]
Selene [Dependency]
Shipping [Mod]
Simple RPC [Client Side Mod]
Simple Shops [Mod]
Simple Hats [Mod]
Simply Light [Mod]
Smooth Boot [Client Side Mod]
Snowy Spirit [Mod]
Starlight [Mod]
Supplementaries [Mod]
Taterzens [Mod]
The Ducks [Mod]
Ultimate Plane [Mod]
Water Frames [Mod]
Water Media [Mod]
Xaeros Minimap [Client Side Mod]
Dynmap [Server Side Mod]


List of all plugins used on MREPUBLIK. Updated 11th November 2023.

Area Shop: Allows players to buy or rent land and properties.
Block Locker: Allows players to lock chests, doors, dispensers and hoppers.
Chest Shop: Allows players to sell items via chests.
Citizens: Allows the creation of interactable NPCs.
Core Protect: Logs all player block placements.
Essentials X: Server Basic Commands Tool.
Essentials Chat: Server Chat Tool.
Hunger Games: – Allows PVP arena tournaments.
Lagg Remover: Removes entities to reduce lag.
Note to Admins: Do not use the remove ALL.
Lottery: Allows players to enter the daily $50,000 lottery.
LuckPerm: Server Permission Tool.
Pseudo Commands: Server Command Block Tool.​
Robbery: Allows players to do bank / shop heists.
Sentinel: Add on for Citizens to allow NPC guards.
Stock Market: Buy and sell real life stocks.
Vault: Server Economy Tool.
Voxel Sniper: Terraforming.
World Border: Stops players leaving the defined world.
World Edit: Building / Terraforming.
Note to Admins: Do not save schematics with modded blocks or items in. Cannot guarantee their functionality or safety from corruption long term.
World Guard: Server World Protection Tool.
Xconomy: Server Economy Tool.

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