Creating a Town or City on MREPUBLIK Guide

Welcome to the ‘Creating a Town or City on MREPUBLIK’ Guide. This guide is for any player who wishes to create a town or city within the server. It lays down the rules for forming a new town, how it should be run, what happens when disputes arise, ensuring server conformity on roads and transport networks and how the town will interact with the server Civil Service and MREPUBLIK admins.


1) Forming a Town or City

2) Ownership and Treasury

3) Transport Conformity

4) Disputes and Civil Service Interaction

5) Abandonment

6) Exceptions

Section One: Forming a Town or City
  1. A town or city can be created once a total of four players agree to form a town or city.
  2. The players must agree on a name for the town or city.
    1. Any existing railway station near the town or city or part of the town or city can have its name updated to reflect the town or city around it.
  3. Players must agree on a section of land to be used for the town or city. Players will not be charged for obtaining the land. Players should allow space for how big they think the town or city will grow. The town or city should not encroach on other towns and cities already in existence or cause them to be limited in expanding in the future.
  4. The town or city must not interfere with roads or railways in existence unless plans are submitted to the MREPUBLIK admins on rerouting the transport networks so they can still serve their purpose but also become incorporated into the new town or city for their infrastructure needs. 
  5. Any land within the town or city assigned for the town or city can first be used to create the town or city democratic, transport or public needs in terms of a town hall, medical building, mechanics, petrol station, roads etc… Any remaining land once the road network is laid out can be sold off to players or developers to raise money for the town or city. 
  6. The town or city should reflect a vintage or modern day town in real life. Avoid futuristic stuff unless it’s a specific building for tourist attraction purposes. 

Section Two: Ownership of the Town or City and Treasury

  1. Players must nominate someone to become the town or city mayor. The mayor will hold the responsibility for holding town meetings and dealing with the town’s needs.
  2. The towns treasury will be created and funds from the sale of land will be deposited into the towns treasury. The town’s mayor will have the ability to spend the town’s money by asking admins to withdraw funds from the town’s account into their personal accounts.

Section Three: Transport Conformity 

  1. The town’s road must be 9 wide and constructed of black concrete, black tarmac or cobblestone. Roads should elevate with half slabs to avoid damaging players’ cars. The elevation of the road must be done in minimums of two. Two full sized blocks, two slabs, two full sized blocks etc… 
  2. Sidewalks / pavements should be a minimum of three wide and can be constructed of sandstone, wood, stone or a different coloured concrete. Exceptions to this rule can be made as long as it is not repeated constantly through the layout.
  3. Roads meeting each other should avoid having sharp square corners, instead they should have a curved look to the corners.
  4. Railway stations can be altered in terms of how they look if players wish to redesign them. Platforms sizes and positions should remain as they are or players can submit plans to MREPUBLIK admins to adjust, add or remove platforms if they wish.

Section Four: Disputes and Civil Service Interaction

  1. If one of the four players has a dispute, the MREPUBLIK administration will decide on any issues raised and will have the final say on the matter.
  2. The MREPUBLIK Civil Service will have the authority to install basic infrastructure requirements for any town or city. This could be anything from altering the rail station for a new platform or line, building gas stations or auto shops any other requirements deemed fit. The Civil Service will attempt to minimise disruption when making these changes.

Section Five: Abandonment 

  1. If the mayor becomes inactive, the existing players can appoint a new mayor.
  2. If the founding players become inactive, the towns ownership will revert to MREPUBLIK direct administration. If it falls into MREPUBLIK administration, the MREPUBLIK administration reserves the right to alter the town as required or the town can be handed over to a new administration of players. If inactive players become active again, they will be required to try and regain control of the town from the MREPUBLIK administration which will be a straightforward process of simply granting ownership back to them. If a new set of players inhabit the town, they will be required to be voted in as mayor again.

Section Six: Exceptions

  1. Admins of the MREPUBLIK server for the purpose of creating places to visit are exempt from the formation rules.

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