Coming in November on MREPUBLIK

Mod Pack version V0.0.24 will be launching this month. Just working through some debugging issues.

MREPUBLIK Website will be moved to WordPress

MREPUBLIK Launcher has been a few months in the works. It will be coming this month and will handle the V0.0.24 update along side Technic Launcher. MREPUBLIK Launcher will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux. The MREPUBLIK Launcher doesn’t need to download the whole mod pack like Technic does so updates will be quicker in future. Players can login to their Mojang or Microsoft account to use the MREPUBLIK Launcher. The launcher is built off the open-source Helios Launcher. A Github repo exists for MREPUBLIK Launcher if you don’t trust some stranger on the internet, you can view the source-code to make sure its all legitimate.

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