MREPUBLIK is a roleplay based Minecraft server which allows players to live out a new life. Upon joining players have a $50,000 starting balance and will be near local amenities in Empire Bay. Players can free roam around the map and get a vibe of the city they find themselves in. Once they have got an idea of the server they can start buying properties, getting jobs or starting businesses, legal or illegal, we won’t judge and become part of the MREPUBLIK community.

In MREPUBLIK players can carry around physical or digital dollars to buy various goods, services and properties. Players can withdraw physical money from the ATMs and banks located around the map. Players can also deposit money at banks around the map too. Players should be advised that upon dying, a corpse of their body will appear and any items they was carrying will be loot-able which means any physical cash carried on them has the chance of being stolen.

In MREPUBLIK there are four main ways to get around. You can purchase various cars from a car dealership or via the black market. Cars require fuel to run which can be purchased at a local gas station. Players can visit an airport and fly planes, again this requires coal to fuel the planes. If players have a climate conscience, they can take the train to many locations around the map for a small fee. If none of the above appeals to you, you can craft a boat and travel in basic MC style.

In MREPUBLIK players can purchase and own physical properties to live in or run a business from. Each town and city has its owns houses, each being as unique as each other to buy, own and customise to their liking. Players can also purchase shops, gas stations, grocery stores, warehouses, garages and skyscrapers to run their businesses from. They can buy everything they need to customise their houses and shops from Home Depo or other outlets for goods.

Normal Careers

Need a Job?
​You may start with $50,000 but after buying a car and a place to live, money will be going down fast. If you’re not a gambler wanting to chance the casino or lottery, you will need to find suitable employment or start a business. If you just want to work and earn some money, visit the local job centre for jobs or you can ask various players who own a business if they’d be willing to employ you. If not, crime is a good option.

In MREPUBLIK you can start a business to earn money. To start a business, look for local buildings for sale and pay the owner the asking price and you’ll get granted permission to edit the building which includes outside signage. You can start any kind of business you like and charge whatever price you like. Once you become a trusted player, you can build your own locations and start complex businesses relating to industry.

Police Officer
In MREPUBLIK the police department is a vital organisation of crime fighters who keep all the local towns and cities safe. This is a serious role with Police Officers having the power to mute, jail and temp ban rules breakers for breaching rules. Local laws will be enforced by the police too like narcotics, fire arms, theft of vehicles and other breaches of the peace. Police Officers are given a weekly salary of $7,500 in game currency.

Civil Service
In MREPUBLIK the Civil Service is tasked with maintaining cities with building roads, approving new buildings and handing out local permits for various businesses. Civil Servants work in the local Government building or the servers main Government building in Empire Bay. In Empire Bay they’re also tasked with log keeping of various records. Civil Servants are given a weekly salary of $10,000 in game currency.


Mission GUI
When you accept a mission from one of the NPCs, you’ll get a task list on the right hand side of your screen. When talking to NPCs they will list what you need to do and then you will have a list on your screen to help guide you in your mission. You’ll get a tick when completing a task.

Don Siciliani
Don Siciliani is the head of the Siciliani Crime Family in Empire Bay. The Don has 5 missions for you to complete which all vary in terms of what you have to do. The first time you meet him, he will ask if you wish to join the family but you must prove yourself.

Big Biff
Big Biff is part of the Siciliani Crime Family who mainly operates in the drug trade in MREPUBLIK. He is always in need of drug runners to deliver drugs around the city and neighbouring towns and pays a reasonable amount for the work you would be required to do.

Paulie is part of the Siciliani Crime Family and is currently waiting for a bigger role. Paulie is part of missions from the Don and Big Biff.

Criminal Enterprise

Drug Lord
Thinking of starting or expanding your criminal enterprise? May we suggest… Narcotics? 

You can purchase various drug items from the local drug wholesaler to start growing and selling drugs to the local town or city. Be advised, the local police will not tolerate drug dealers so keep a low profile or you’ll get busted!

Gun Smuggler 
Thinking of starting or expanding your criminal enterprise? May we suggest… Gun Smuggling?

You can craft a series of guns and various attachments to sell or arm your criminal empire to protect itself from other gangs. Be advised, the local police will not tolerate guns or people using them to commit crime. You will be stopped.

Vehicle Flipper
Thinking of starting or expanding your criminal enterprise? May we suggest… Vehicle Flipping?

The art of theft… or people leaving the keys in a running car. Grab the car when a player is not looking, take it to a lockup, switch the plates & boom, anyone need a new car on the cheap? Easy money plus very hard to track for the police.

Thinking of starting or expanding your criminal enterprise? May we suggest… Illegal Gambling?

Got a little back street shop and need an idea to make money? Why not try an illegal casino! Illegal casinos do not have permits from the city to operate and you can set them up to your liking to make money! 

New on MREPUBLIK are heists. Players can look on dynmap for available heist locations. Players must first form a crew using /robbery crew and invite their friends to undertake a heist. Invited players have to use /robbery join. Players are paid equally from a heist. Only the crew leader can start the heist when everyone is ready.

Locked ‘N Loaded
Introducing Locked ‘N Loaded for all your weapon needs! Locked ‘N Loaded stores can be found on the outskirts of most towns for players to visit and load up on weapons to fight rival gangs and prepare weapons for a heist or just cause pure carnage with the local police department. Very reasonable prices and open 24 hours day.

Local Black Marker Buyer
Just on the outskirts of many towns and cities players can find their local black market buyer. This buyer will buy up  excess narcotics for a better price than local city and town buyers. However there is no PVP protection in these regions, players must be able to sell their goods and protect their money from rival gangs trying to rob them.

Main Black Market Buyer
Just north of the town of Eastwood Valley before North Beach station is where the main Black Market buyer is located. Players can offload excess narcotics for a better price than local town and city buyers. Again this area has no PVP protection so players should be cautious of travelling and selling their goods here to avoid rival gangs.

MREPUBLIK denounces real life drug use because of the devastating effect it has on our communities. This is purely a video game with a criminal element and we do not promote criminal acts or drug use in real life.

Places to visit and daily events

ELIXIR Nightclub and Casino
In Empire Bay players can visit the local Elixir nightclub and casino. Players can sit back and enjoy the music with alcoholic drinks and take in the vibe and hold meetings or if players wish they can visit the casino on the upper floor and try their chance against Blackjack, Roulette or Poker. Tables start from a minimum of $1 bets up to $1,000 bets.

Eastwood Valley Bowling
In the town of Eastwood Valley players can visit the local bowling alley. Players can sit back and enjoy a range of activities here. Players can pick from bowling, arcade machines like Snake, Tetris and more, fun ball toss, claw machines, casino with Blackjack, Roulette or Poker. Most games and bets start from $5 each.

In MREPUBLIK there is a daily minimum $50,000 lottery. All tickets purchased get added to the total jackpot increasing its value. You can buy as many tickets as you can afford with hopes to win it big. Every other Saturday we run a super lottery where the jackpot is $1,000,000. There must be a minimum of two players for the draw to run.

Theme Park
Near the city of Moorland with easy access via the West Coast Parkway Station with a bus shuttle to the brand new Theme Park and Zoo in MREPUBLIK with free entry for all players! Enjoy the animals at the zoo, play at the arcades, dine at the many food places and enjoy the fast or slow ride.

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