Mod Pack Update V0.0.17

The following MODS have been added:

Balm – D

Default Options – M

Shipping – M

The Ducks – M

The following RESOURCE PACKS have been added:

MTR Creations by ナビィ and modified for MREPUBLIK

Connected Glass by MREPUBLIK

The following BUGS have been fixed:

Dynmap link in the in game menu has been updated to the correct address.

Notes on this update: On this update, Default Options will overwrite your options.txt. The reason for this is that it will deliver a options.txt with resolved keybinds and ensuring the essential resource packs are loaded. If you want to save your current options.txt please make a backup before updating. Afterwards place your options.txt back into the modpack folder and it will not be touched again in future.

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