Mod Pack Update V0.0.27

Hope everyone has a good Christmas and a good New Year! Here is the first mod pack update of 2024.

MREPUBLIK V0.0.27 Update – 17th Jan 2024

The following MODS have been ADDED:

  • Effortless Building – M
  • MTR MSD – M
  • Timeless and Classic Guns – M
  • VoiceChat – M

The following MODS have been UPDATED:

  • Xaeros Minimap – M

The following MODS have been REMOVED:

  • Additional Gun Mod – M
  • Mr Cray Gun Mod – M

The following RESOURCE PACKS have been ADDED:

  • MTR UK Signs

Additional Information:
The introduction of Timeless and Classic Gun Mod includes a craftable gun powder recipe.

Server Config Changes:

  • Fuel containers have been nerfed to 50MB

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